Commercial General Liability

Commercial General Liability insurance protects you if a customer is injured at your place of business. It would also cover damage or injuries caused by your employees at a client’s site. CGL protects businesses against these types of claims. Even if your company is negligent or liable for damage, injury or loss to another’s property, reputation or health, your business can keep its assets if it is adequately insured.


Commercial umbrella coverage is a supplement to commercial general liability insurance. It provides added protection. The most common reason for using commercial umbrella coverage is as a monetary extension for commercial general liability insurance. Call us for details about all our commercial services for small and medium business owners.

Commercial Auto

You need commercial auto insurance if you own a vehicle which is used in your business. Garcia Lorenzo & Associates can advise you on the best coverage for your business and the types of coverage available in your area. Some of these types of coverage may be combined with other commercial auto insurance provisions or you may be required to purchase them separately. Whether you use your personal auto, van, or pick-up in your business, you are driving a commercial vehicle and to provide the proper insurance protection, this vehicle should be insured under a commercial auto policy.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation is insurance coverage purchased by a business to provide medical and other benefits for job-related employee injuries. Florida law requires all employers to purchase Workers’ Compensation coverage(with a few exceptions)….

The amount of compensastion is establish by law. Call us for details on how to protect your employee and your business